Party On!

Our hive is perfect for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Gender Reveals & more!​

Private party packages include

Multiple Options to choose from

All Party packages include

Open Play

$75 + Tax

Celebrate the special day during open play hours.

Payment in full required to hold date

"The Busy Bee"

$205 + Tax

90min private party. You provide the decor, food & drinks.

Payment in full required to hold date

"The Honeycomb"

$299 + Tax

You provide the decor, food & drinks.

$100 non-refundable deposit required to hold date

"The Hive"

$399 + Tax

Non-themed but just as fun & special!

$100 non-refundable deposit required to hold date

"The Royal Bumble"

$599 + Tax

Pick your theme & let us handle the rest!

$100 non-refundable deposit required to hold date

Ask Us Anything, We Have Answers!


You can visit our self-booking system here. BOOK MY PARTY!

Our maximum capacity for the play area for parties is 16 kids and up to 2 adults per child ratio.  Our max capacity combined, adults & children, is 48 guests.

Yes! We have four high-chairs for you & your guests to utilize.

We always recommend (but for large parties especially) that hosts put all food out on the food table just before guests arrive. Some guests will arrive hungry & some will have just eaten, depending on the timing of your event. Allowing guests to graze as they become hungry (or when their little ones need a break from playing!) ensures that all guests will have a seat when they choose to eat & avoids congestion around the serving area.

Yes! You can bring homemade food, store bought food, and/or outside catering.

Yes- but PLEASE be responsible & sensible. Per your contract, you are responsible for serving your guests. We are unable to serve alcohol & are not responsible for monitoring guests’ drinking or their behavior. We are not responsible for monitoring underaged drinking.

Just a few! Refer to your party agreement (which is sent 10 days prior to your event) for details, but the big ones to note are: 

1) we don’t allow anything to be taped onto the painted walls (non-painted surfaces like counters and windowsills are just fine, though) & this includes command strips, sticky tac, or ANY adhesive.
2) We do not allow piñatas due to our ceiling structure. Pull-string pinatas are OK but they can’t be hung- someone will have to hold it!
3) We do not allow any unnecessary rearranging of furniture or existing wall decor.

You can pay your final balance on the day of the party before you leave. You’ll be provided with a high-level receipt. If you’d like a detailed receipt you can request one at any time! We accept cash or credit cards. We do NOT accept personal checks. You may tip (optional) in cash or on a credit card.

You can arrive 30 minutes before your party begins to set up, & our party assistant(s) can help!

That’s fine! We send out a final party questionnaire 8-10 days before your event to get the details regarding your event. At this time you can make any changes you like! You can also add-on food, coffee & tea! If you don’t have all the answers when you receive the questionnaire, it is okay! You have until 5 days prior to your event to make changes.

Nope! ALL of our weekend parties INCLUDE a totally private rental of our entire facility. We also offer weekday parties for smaller celebrations during open play which may have other customers in the facility.

ALL guests entering our facility will be required to wear non-slip socks. We also have shoe covers upon request. $3 Non-slip Sock for all sizes are available for purchase.

There are 3 choices to structure this (please let your host know which you prefer)
1) You can purchase unlimited coffee & tea ($35) – specialty drinks are not included in this
2) You can have guests pay for their own order if they would like a drink (most common)
3) You can add guests’ orders to your party tab

YES! We love setting up for parties & want you to be able to truly enjoy your child’s special day & want to make it as simple as possible. We would be happy to get your decorations started before you arrive. Please make sure your bag/ box is labeled with your last name & date & any specific instructions you may have. Drop off no less then 24hrs before party.

All kiddos must have a waiver on file & be picked up promptly at the end of the specified time. During the party & after the specified time they are the responsibility of the host family, not Rough & Bumble’s staff.

All parties are subject to 10.25% sales tax in addition to the package price. Tips are always appreciated for excellent service but are never expected or required. You can tip on your credit card or in cash if you wish.

One of our Guest Experience Coordinator will be up front to welcome your guests and familiarize them with our rules and policies as they check in. Play time will be for an hour and 30 minutes. Food can be eaten during this  Our staff will then gather all your guests the last half hour of your event to help serve the kids food & drinks, sing happy birthday and then, cake! 

Unfortunately, the itinerary is designed to make sure that the last half hour is meant for cake/desserts and then packing up. However, we do have an option to extend the play time at $100/ hour  but only if the schedule permits and must be communicated at least a week prior to the event.

The party assistants will help you set up and make sure all of the food, drinks, &
coffee (if included) is re-filled as needed throughout the party. The assistants are available to assist in cake cutting as well if needed & do ALL clean-up after the party including
packaging up your food & decor for you!


Not looking for a private birthday party? Our Bumble Bee bounce house is the perfect addition to your at home or park birthday party.
$125 for 2.5 hours
$200 All day Rental

Playground Hours:
M-F: 9a-3p
Sat: 9a-12p
Sun: 9a-12p

Game Cafe Hours:
Fri-Sat: 6-10p, By Reservation Only

Address: 638 S. 130th St. Bonner Springs KS 66012
Phone: (913)-745-4114

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