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board game cafe

During the day Rough & Bumble KC is an indoor playground geared toward kiddos 7 and under.

But after the kids leave its time to experience a vibrant and social atmosphere where friends (ages 10+) gather, laughter echoes, and strategic moves unfold in the glow of tabletop adventures. Whether you’re a night owl seeking exciting games or just looking to unwind with friends over a late-night session, our board game cafe promises memorable moments and a cozy ambiance that keeps the good times rolling long into the night.



There is no entry fee, but we do require a 1 drink minimum. (We’ve gotta keep the lights on somehow 😉)

Absolutely! But please remember that we are not responsible for any lost or damaged games/pieces. 

We’re still in the process of collecting games, but you can expect to see a wide range of board games & some console games.

  • Co-Op
  • Abstract
  • Deck builders
  • Trivia
  • Dice
  • Card
  • Party
  • + MORE


The play area will be closed & locked during the evening gaming hours. The suggested ages that would enjoy the board game cafe are 10+.

No, outside food & drinks are not permitted. We offer a full espresso menu, Energy drinks, Tea, & Lemonade. As well as various snacks and will have an expanded snack menu in the coming weeks.

Absolutely! We would love to host your game night. We suggest you give us a call to reserve a larger table for groups of 6+.